Freight And Cargo Movers Offer Affordable House Move Options

A house move can be annoying to plan, and the expense doesn't help. Finding a cheaper way to move is essential if you don't want your budget to go belly up. Using a freight service to move your belongings is one way to cut down on costs. Freight services for house moves come in two forms. One is a pod-type service where you put everything into a metal pod, and that's shipped to your new destination. The other form treats your belongings more like traditional cargo, and you can get some pretty good deals if you try to ship your belongings this way. It can be quite different from using traditional movers, however, so be prepared.

Look for a Less-Than-Truckload Service

If you're not moving a bunch of large items like couches or king-size bed headboards, you can look for less-than-truckload services. These give you an allotment of space inside a truck where your belongings are separated from other cargo by a barricade. The truck may combine moves from different households, or you could even have space in a truck carrying a variety of goods. It's more economical for a truck to carry a full load, so trucks that have space often take on small freight shipments to fill up that void. Occasionally, that means adding someone's belongings instead of cargo from a commercial company.

Ask the Freight Service If They'll Do Crate Preparation

Depending on the service, you might have to "crate" or "palletize" your belongings, meaning place them in huge freight crates or wrap everything together on a big pallet. That makes it easier to load and unload the goods from the truck. You should ask the freight service if the workers there can help you with this or if you'll have to hire another service to do it. If you have a lot of goods, you may want to find freight shipping services that offer crating services as well so that you don't have to worry about dealing with those crates or pallets.

Dates May Be Less Exact

One issue that people often have to deal with when using freight services is that the pickup and drop-off dates aren't always specific. They can vary based on when trucks become available. You won't have to wait a very long time, but you might end up waiting a week or so to get your furniture when a traditional moving company could bring it to your new place in a couple of days. The dispatchers at the freight company should be able to keep you up to date on the location of the truck holding your belongings.

Shipping household goods and personal belongings via cargo delivery is definitely an option. Call freight services today to get quotes and find out more about the process.