Keeping Your Staging Items Safe And Secure With Every Move

Are you an interior designer who loves to go in and stage homes for realtors to help them sell faster? If so, it takes talent and not only that, but a decent investment in your home decor items that you use with each project. Realtors and investors alike depend on you and your style expertise to give vision to empty homes and make them attractive to potential home-buyers. So what about when everything has to be quickly moved and torn down or set up? Here are some ways to keep your items fresh and damage-free during those transitions. 

Do Routine Inspections

It is important to know exactly what condition your items are in at all times. If you stage homes, you likely have an abundance of large items, like couches, beds, tables and lighting that is used over and over in each home. In addition, smaller decor items that provide good details like plates, prints, frame and candles are also essentials you likely have in your arsenal. If you hire a company to tear it down and then ship it to the next location, that can be a great time saver. But it is also important to do routine checks of every single item you have as well as document your inventory. This will ensure nothing gets broken or damaged and nothing is left behind in the process. 

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

When it comes to interior designer shipping services, you want only the best for your business. This means a group of people with a stellar reputation of going the extra mile for their clients, just like you do for yours. Using interior designer shipping services means you are putting your trust in them. Before hiring someone to pack and ship your staging items, ask for references and make sure they have a solid track record of using care when they are handling other people's personal items. 

Get Good Insurance

It is important to have good insurance on all of the items you use in your staging business. These items did not come cheap and represent a solid investment into your business and your future. It takes talent to be an interior designer and set up each staging area with the potential homeowners taste in mind. With these nice home decor and furniture items also comes the risk of loss. Be sure to have good insurance on these items and your entire business. Update your policy frequently to ensure that if you need to use your insurance, you will get the most benefit out of it. 

Keeping track of your home staging items is essential to the success of your business. Making sure that it is transported safely so it is ready to impress, is equally as important for a successful experience that will wow potential homeowners!