What To Expect On Your Moving Day

Moving requires a lot of planning and advanced preparation, but before you know it moving day will arrive. If you have never moved before, you may not know what to expect from your moving day. However, if you have hired a reputable moving company then the day should go fairly smoothly. Most moving companies are very experienced in moving households, from small apartments to large single-family homes. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect on moving day.

Moving Company Arrives

Prior to your moving day, the moving company that you have hired should contact you to let you know what time the moving crew and truck will arrive at your residence. Make sure that you are ready to go in advance of the time that the moving company will arrive. After the moving crew arrives, make sure you ask which one of them is the supervisor of the crew -- this is the person you can talk to if you have any questions or concerns.


Most moving companies will take an inventory of your belongings before they begin loading up the truck. This inventory helps ensure that all of your boxes and larger pieces of furniture arrive at your new home. After the moving crew completes the inventory, it will be given to you to review. Make sure that you look over the inventory list very carefully to ensure that nothing was left out.

Loading Up the Truck

Before the moving crew begins loading up the moving truck, make sure that you set aside any personal items and valuable/breakable items that you want to move yourself in your personal vehicle so they are not accidentally put on the truck. Moving crews are very experienced in packing up a moving truck so there is a tight fit, which minimizes your belongings moving around while in transport. Don't be alarmed if you see furniture from your bedroom squeezed in between living room furniture -- it is necessary to prevent anything from getting damaged.


It is in your best interest to arrive at your new home before the moving truck. Plan to be onsite as the moving crew unloads the truck so you can tell them where to place furniture and which rooms you want different boxes to go in. After everything is unloaded from the truck, you will be presented with the bill and the inventory -- make sure to check each of these documents to ensure everything is correct before signing off on them.