Five Benefits Of Hiring A Residential Moving Service

When planning a residential move, don't make the mistake of trying to handle everything yourself. A residential moving service can make everything go much more smoothly.

1. Easy Access to Supplies

The right boxes and packing materials make preparing for a move that much easier. Some of the special materials you may require are things like wardrobe boxes and boxes made to safely hold dish and glassware. It can also be beneficial to have specialty boxes, such as those made for houseplants, on hand if you will be moving more than a few miles away. A moving service will perform an in-home quote that can include determining your supply needs. You can then purchase just those things that are necessary and even have them delivered ahead of moving day.

2. Insure Against Losses

It seems like every move ends with at least one broken or damaged item, no matter how much care is taken. Usually, the damage is minor, but why take chances? Residential moving services typically provide optional moving insurance, which will protect you against losses. If you have expensive furniture or fragile items, the peace of mind offered by these insurance policies is well worth it.

3. Avoid Injury and Pain

Trying to move heavy or awkward furniture and boxes, especially if you don't have the right equipment, can leave you with a backache the next day. Worse, in some cases, you can actually suffer a more severe injury. Professional movers have the skills, knowledge, and training on how to properly move heavy and oddly shaped items. Further, they have a variety of dollies and moving straps at their disposal so that heavy stuff can be transported safely.

4. Finish the Hard Part Quickly

Loading and transporting your stuff is one of the most physically demanding parts of the move. It's also mentally draining since you have to be constantly on the go and problem solving as items are loaded, transported, and unloaded. A moving service can help you finish the demanding task of the main move in a few hours, as opposed to over several days.

5. Get Assembly Help

It can be hard remembering how to put your bed back together or remembering how the TV was hooked into the surround sound system. Even with photographs, deciphering everything at the end of a long day of moving can be just too much. Some moving services offer assembly help. This means that at the end of the day, your bed is assembled and the entertainment system is ready so you can collapse into bed with your favorite movie to relax.

Contact a residential moving service to learn more about the many benefits that they can provide you.