Helping Your Loved One Move Into Assisted Living: Planning The Move

Making the transition into assisted living can be difficult for your loved one, and the actual moving day can bring added stress. However, there are several things you can do to help make this transition a bit easier. Use the following guide to help plan your loved one's move into an assisted living facility and provide him or her with the emotional and physical support needed for the move.

Hire A Move-In Manager

Some moving companies specialize in services for senior citizens, and hiring one of these companies can make the process easier for both you and your loved one. When you find the right moving company, ask for the help of a move manager. This person will help develop a plan for the move, which should include packing, downsizing, and coordinating the move itself. They will partner with your loved one to ensure all items are cared for during the move, and your move manager can also be a source of emotional support by underscoring just how important each personal item is.

Plan A Packing Schedule

The idea of packing an entire lifetime's worth of personal possessions and furniture can be overwhelming for anyone, and it can be particularly overwhelming if your loved one is dealing with dementia or health problems. Plan a packing schedule that lets you and your loved one get a little bit done at a time. By dividing the large task of packing into smaller sessions, you can help overcome some of those overwhelming emotions. Consider packing one room each week or tackling a category of items during each session. For example, you might do one bedroom each week, or you might pack books one week and mementos another.

Arrange For Care During The Move

If you will be helping to coordinate the events on moving day, you'll want to make sure your loved one is cared for while you are handling the moving responsibilities. You can enlist the help of a family friend to act as your relative's companion for the day, or you can arrange for a home healthcare service to assist on the day of the move. Be sure that your loved one has a comfortable place to sit and access to snacks, beverages, and things to keep him or her busy. A knitting project or word search book can provide a handy distraction during this stressful process and having someone to talk to can also offer a bit of added comfort.

Work with your assisted living movers to ensure your loved one's wishes are respected during the move and make arrangements to have items unpacked in the new assisted living facility before your relative arrives. This will ensure that his or her new home is ready to settle into from the moment you walk in the door together.