How To Properly Prepare Plants For A Move

Moving to a new home requires a great deal of disruption to your everyday life, and it also requires a great deal of preparation to ensure that your belongings do not become damaged while in transit. For no other belonging that you own does this hold true more for than it does for your potted plants. These living decorations in your home can easily become damaged or dehydrated while moving, leaving them listless or even dead by the time that you start unpacking. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your plants are adequately protected and in the best possible condition when you finally settle into your new home.

Trimming and Watering

One of the first things that you should do to make sure that your plants are as sturdy as possible before packing them up is to trim away any dead leaves, or excess growth that may make it hard to transport your plant. This reduces the amount of water waste that they will experience and reduces the risk of physical damage to the stems of your plant by reducing its overall physical profile. You should also be sure to maintain a reliable schedule to keep your plants watered before you pack them up, to ensure that they are properly hydrated if you have to skip a day of watering in the future.

Proper Packing Techniques

You should wrap your plants in a protective covering, either with lightweight old sheets that you have in your home or by purchasing special burlap wraps from hardware stores. This will provide physical protection to your plants, and if you are moving during the winter, will also help prevent frost damage. For another added layer of protection, you may also want to pack your plants in sturdy cardboard boxes.  However, just be sure to keep the moisture to a minimum to prevent the boxes from falling apart and be sure to punch holes in the box to ensure that there is enough oxygen circulating around the plant to keep it healthy.

Moving Day

While you should do your best to get everything ready to move your plants early, you should be sure to pack them up last and load them into the truck right before you leave. Keep each box relatively light, around 15 pounds or so, to make sure that you are able to easily lift and carry it. These boxes of plants should be the first thing that you unpack, which is why you want them near the door of the truck since they will need to be positioned in the sun and given water immediately.

For more information, contact your local home movers.