Examining Your Reasons For Moving: Are They Worth It?

Before you pick up that phone and call a moving company, do you know why you are moving? Have you stopped to ask yourself if your reasons for moving are valid? Do you really have to move and/or do you really want to move? Here is how to talk yourself down off the shelf before you make plans to move and then lose the advance payment to secure your movers and the moving truck.

Why Are You Moving?

Moving because you do not like your neighbors is not really the best of reasons, unless these neighbors make you afraid for your life. If they are just loud and irritating and you have not asked them to quiet down, moving is not the answer. You will encounter noisy neighbors no matter where you live, including when you finally buy your first home. Since you cannot move away from obnoxious neighbors when you own your home, it may be best to stay put and get used to it now.

Of course, that may not be your only reason for moving. If you have to relocate for work or lose your job, you have to move or lose your job. Something along those lines really does not give you much of a choice when it comes to moving.

Valid Reasons

There are just as many valid reasons for moving as there are reasons for not moving. These reasons include:

  • Have to move for work or to keep a job
  • Have to move because your family is growing and you need more space
  • Have to move because the environment in your current dwelling is unsafe/hazardous/dangerous
  • Have to move because your roommates are partying all the time and you do not have a quiet, private space of your own
  • You can no longer afford where you are living or you can afford a nicer place to live

If any of these apply, it is in your best interests to secure a moving truck and movers as soon as you can.

When You Have to Move AND Want to Move

It is pretty convenient when you have to move and you want to move too. It gives you more time to think ahead, plan, book moving services, determine if you want to put stuff in storage, and/or box things up for moving day. It allows you to alert your landlord/lady to your departure as well (if applicable). Under these circumstances, your moving expenses are totally worth it.

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